I’M heidi Crawford

Since I was a little one, I’ve adored sorting through old boxes filled to the brim with family photos – it’s a love that’s stayed constant throughout the years!

My heart skips an extra beat for chasing Arizona sunsets, smelling all of the flowers, photo journaling and that little bit of honey in my morning coffee! I live to be creative and express myself through photography, it is something I have promised myself to always prioritize.

I want for my sessions to be more than just pretty pictures, my passion is crafting tangible art that preserves love, laughter and genuine connection.

This is the fun bunch that I love to bits! EVERYDAY IS FUELED BY their SWEET ENERGY and cuddles.

It is always a gift to capture growing families and honor the motherhood journey through my art. If you're seeking to preserve some special moments filled with wonder and joy, I'd love to hear from you!