As much as I love photographing under the sun’s golden glow, I equally adore capturing families and their newest loves in the comfort of their unique and special personal space.

It is my hugest honor to document those ever-changing amazing little features and growing special bonds for you to cherish forever.


My in-home sessions are designed to be as relaxed as possible and a fun activity for the whole family. Lifestyle sessions are essentially documentary sessions, focusing on togetherness and a huge emphasis on their candid nature. We will plan to get lots of those candids with genuine smiles and laughs, most likely even some cries. Our time will be spent gently guiding your family into loose poses and just capturing your new life at home with your special people.

The best time for in-home sessions is during the brightest part of the day, usually in the morning between 9am-1pm. This timeframe will allow us to embrace all of your home's natural light that filters in from the windows. Please plan to have window blinds opened up, overhead lights off and using the window's natural brightness as much as possible. No need to stress about clean kitchens or bathrooms, one clutter free room or two is generally enough to capture a variety of shots. We will most definitely start in the area that receives the most light.


Make sure baby is fed shortly before the session, a full belly ensures (hopefully) a happier little one on picture day. We can certainly take breast feeding shots in the beginning or during your session if you wish. You are welcome to incorporate any props such as your own hats, swaddles, and headbands if you'd like. Please keep in mind we may not get to photograph everything, I may even spot something in your home that would bring that extra personal touch that we can use.

Making sure your home is not ice cold will make for a much happier baby. I know in AZ we like to pump that AC but diaper and outfit changes tend to be a little easier in a warm comfier environment.


I suggest moms to pick their outfit first and build others outfits around that.

Keep it simple and most certainly comfy, wearing something flowy will help not to constrict a fresh postpartum body.

Chunky knit sweaters in neutral colors are so beautiful and add so much visual interest.

A long cardigan on top of a nursing tank works very well for these types of pictures.

Outfit inspiration for Mom

Ideas for baby

Ideas for Dad


Earth tones are so dreamy to photograph! Neutral colors are sure to create a timeless look. Start the process by coordinating muted tones of Blue, Grey, Green, and brown.

Since we will be shooting indoors, medium tones are easier to photograph compared to subjects wearing black.


Choose about 3 or 4 of these neutral colors and add a nice pop of color like Rust, Mustard, Blush or Burgundy if you wish with a baby blanket. Neon and extremely vibrant colors should be avoided.

Also consider the colors used in your home!


One subtle pattern is enough to add visual interest without overdoing it. Patterns such as horizontal stripes are advised against as they create an odd moire effect, also multiple of the same pattern like plaid is too matchy matchy, in that which we are trying to avoid.

Extra tip: avoid Sparkles, Sequins, Reflective/Metallic material. 


Layering creates wonderful visual interest as well as material that easily moves. For indoor sessions I encourage a very casual look which can also mean incorporating items such as chunky knitted sweaters and yoga pants, denim also works great too. A simple cotton maxi dress can dress it up with little effort!

For these types of sessions barefoot is best and will reflect that fun and relaxed feeling we are really trying to capture. Nice clean white socks work great too.


Being comfortable and staying true to your personal style is important. Avoid clothing that is too tight as the focus will be on adjusting clothing rather than your family/session.

All black tops for everyone and blue jeans or all white shirts and khakis is a look of the past.

For clothing, avoid all logos, wording and large screen prints as these will date your photos and do not help with creating a look of “togetherness”, taking the attention off of your faces.

I also suggest no baseball caps with logos, flip flops, dirty shoes, or brightly colored shoes or socks.

Small details

Chipped nail polish, animal hair, Apple watches, keys and other devises in pockets will all surely ruin a image too! Edits for these types of mishaps can be costly to outsource.


Typically we will shoot for 60-90 minutes in one to two usable spaces in the home. I know how special this time is for your family so I strive to be quick and efficient in getting all the beautiful shots we need.


Generally a few days after the session I am able to tease you with a few images while I work on the rest of your gallery. The teasers may also be featured on my social media platforms.

A full proof gallery link will be available within 2-4 weeks of the session.

Favorite image selections can be made there by marking images with the "heart" icon.

Additional images outside of your package amount may be purchased and access to my print shop through the gallery!

Please reach out with any questionS!

I can’t wait to document all the kisses & sNuggleS.