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Whimsy & Glow’s Guide to Creating a look oF togetherness for portraits

Coordinating an entire family wardrobe for portraits is a lot of work! I always suggest starting with what you have in your closet and building out from there.

For Example: Mom has a long neutral floral flowy dress and pulls about 3 colors from it for the rest of the family. Below are a few other helpful tips to better prepare for your session.


Earth tones and muted colors are sure to create a timeless look. Start the process by coordinating different tones of Blues, Greys, Greens, Creams or Browns. 

For family portraits choose about 3 of these colors and add a pop of color like Mustard, Blush or Burgundy if you wish.

Neon, metallic, sequins and extremely vibrant colors should be avoided.

Take into account the colors used in your home! Your printed & framed images will take your decor to another level!

The portrait location also plays a major role in coordinating a cohesive look, taking tones from the surrounding environment works wonderfully.

Neutral tones for all seasons


One subtle pattern is enough to add visual interest without overdoing it. Patterns such as horizontal stripes are advised against as they create an odd moire effect, also multiple of the same pattern like plaid is too matchy matchy, in that which we are trying to avoid.


Layering creates wonderful visual interest as well as material that easily moves in the wind! Natural fabrics that drape give a fun sense of motion.

Accessories can really transform an average outfit. Incorporating items such as chunky knitted sweaters, denim, boots, scarves, hair bows, and stylish hats to polish a look. 


Being comfortable and staying true to your personal style is important. Avoid clothing that is too tight as the focus will be on adjusting clothing rather than your family/session.

All black tops for everyone and blue jeans or all white shirts and khakis is a look of the past. Trust me you can do this!

Baseball caps, flip flops, dirty shoes, bright shoes, avoid all logos / wording and large screen prints as these will date your photos and do not help with creating a look of “togetherness” taking the attention off of your face.

Chipped nail polish, animal hair, Apple watches, keys and other devices in pockets will all surely ruin a image too! Edits for these types of mishaps can be costly to outsource.


Here are a few ways you can make sure your picture day goes smoothly!


  1. Prepare to use up the whole session appointment, although we may get all the shots we need earlier
  2. Arrive 10-15 minutes early to your session location
  3. Be sure everyone has eaten before you arrive
  4. Change diapers, use restroom & change clothing before session time starts
  5. Bring Water
  6. Plan to leave any extra accessories in your vehicle or in a bag you can toss on the ground
  7. Remove sunglasses, phones & keys from pockets
  8. Bring some non-messy snacks for little ones who may need some bribing
  9. Smile, have a blast!


We will not focus on making your children sit a certain way or spend our time forcing a smile. Rather I guide my clients into subtle fun prompts to capture the session in a candid fashion as the little moments unfold. I ask that you embrace any and all emotions we may encounter on shoot day such as grumpy littles.

The final gallery may include a few traditional “smiling at the camera” shots but my lifestyle sessions aim to capture in between sweet moments interacting with your loves and the little details you never want to forget. 

We may play with many different compositions and poses during our session but you will only see the very best that represent my style as a photographer. Images are initially culled carefully to insure they are in keeping with Whimsy & Glow's style and standards as a photographer and artist.

Images are sorted out that might include closed eyes, out of focus images, awkward posing and multiples. Images presented in the final gallery are fine tuned with horizon cropping, blemish removal, and overall color corrected in a warm and vibrant artistic style that is reflected on Heidi's portrait portfolio website and social media accounts.

Still Stumped on what to wear?

Please reach out if you need any assistance in styling your wardrobe, I am here to help create the best possible images for you and your family.